Moving past McMansions

Builders are relying on smaller and more affordable houses as the economy pulls out of the recession.

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Builders and developers hope that a change in the type of houses they produce will increase their sales in a new market.

Developers are focusing on houses that are smaller, cheaper to buy, and easier to maintain, in anticipation of the desires of home buyers pulling out of the recession.


“There are builders who are building, and there are homeowners who are buying homes and lots — so (success) is out there,” said Angela Dobrowski, a partner at Scholls Development. “You just have to fit the parameters that banks are looking for….”

“I may get kicked for saying this,” said Ed McMahon of the Home Builders Association of Lane County, “but the day of the McMansions is rapidly disappearing. When we see what’s going to happen to energy costs, we feel smaller homes — especially for the Baby Boomers — is the next market.”

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