Contractors ignore EPA’s lead paint rules

New EPA regulations require a special lead-based paint license to renovate pre-1978 homes, but some contractors are ignoring the rule.

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Environmental Protection Agency regulations require contractors to obtain a certified lead-based paint renovation contractor license to renovate homes built before 1978.

Contractors are not obtaining these $50 licenses, and the lack of certification may be intentional.

“There are a number of contractors out there going renegade and doing this work without certification,” [Shepard Painting President Justin Shepard] said. “Customers don’t understand or know about the new regulations. I’m seeing it often enough to be mildly concerned.”

The state Construction Contractors Board, the agency tasked with enforcing the new regulations in Oregon, has received 509 applications so far for lead-based paint licenses. But Shepard said he is hearing from clients about uncertified painting contractors offering low bids in exchange for looking the other way.

Read more at the Daily Journal of Commerce.

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