UO President justifies his bond plan

UO President Richard Lariviere discussed sports, Phil Knight and his bond plan for funding the university with Willamette Week.

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UO President Richard Lariviere said he would be willing to put his bond plan up for a public vote, and is open to other funding plans.

What he won’t do, he said, is settle for the status quo that “ain’t doin’ nothin’.”

[Willamette Week:] Isn’t the timing suspect given the stock market collapse the last couple of years? In other words, your plan only works if you get yields we haven’t seen recently.

[Lariviere:] Most people don’t look at financial markets over 20-year windows. They look at them from yesterday or a year ago at the most. Those people who follow financial markets know this is the time to be proposing such a thing. Bonds will not be cheaper probably in our lifetime.

Read the interview at Wilamette Week.

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