Intel picketed for using materials from the Congo

Picketers at Intel’s Beaverton campus yesterday protested the company’s use of materials from war-torn countries in its products.

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Protesters gathered at Intel’s Beaverton campus yesterday to protest the company’s use of minerals imported from the Congo and other war-torn countries.

The protesters claim that Intel is hampering an effort to stop U.S. imports from conflict zones by donating to certain industry political action committees.

To produce computers and processors, companies such as Intel must use rare minerals like tungsten, tantalum, and tin, which sometimes originate in turbulent places like Congo. Congo’s civil war has claimed over 4 million lives since 1998.

And Congress is now considering bills —HR4128 and S 891— that would regulate mineral imports to the United States as well as make available to the public the names of companies that buy materials from conflict zones.

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