UO floats bond idea

University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere proposes a $1 billion bond plan to finance the university for 30 years.

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University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere proposed a $1.6 billion endowment partially funded by state bonds, as part of a plan that would stabilize and eliminate uncertainty for the university.

Lariviere, who will present the proposal to the state Legislature next year, says that bold steps are needed to provide financial security.

In essence, the plan would replace the current state appropriation to the university with a bond payment. If the state sold 30-year bonds worth $800 million, the annual debt service would be roughly the same as the $65 million the UO will receive in state funding this year.

The UO would match the state bonds with $800 million in private gifts, creating a “quasi-public endowment” of $1.6 billion. That money would be invested, and the earnings would replace the state appropriation and within a few years could provide more money than what the state now allocates.

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