“Green Driver” app avoids red lights

A Eugene company has created an iPhone app that will save drivers time and gas by helping them avoid red lights.

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Eugene-based On Time Systems is beta testing an application that will help drivers save time and gas by calculating a route that avoids red lights.

The iPhone app, which is called “Green Driver,” was shown in early testing to speed up trips by 3 percent compared to drivers who just went on instinct.

Green Driver uses real time data from the city’s traffic signal system in combination with global-positioning satellite technology to guide motorists to their destination. A map on the phone’s screen shows the route from Point A to Point B with the fewest red lights at that moment. If the signals change, the route changes. The idea is to get motorists to their destination as quickly as possible, saving time and gas…

Green Driver began beta testing last week in Eugene, with 40 select iPhone users trying the system, reporting bugs and problems and offering suggestions for improvements. Ginsberg hopes to make the program available on Apple’s App Store sometime this summer, depending on how the beta testing goes. Versions of Green Driver for other smartphones are expected to follow as quickly as they can be developed, [Matt Ginsberg, CEO of On Time Systems] said.

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