Fee waiver could boost Portland development

Residential builders and developers expect an increase in business, after Portland City Council temporarily drops fees.

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Portland City Council temporarily waived a fee that has been preventing some people from building, and developers and builders expect an increase in business as a result.

The $7,000 to $15,000 fee on homeowners who build or convert space on their land into a second living unit has been suspended for the next three years.

Joe Robertson, manager of ADU Building Co., has built accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, since 1998, when city zoning changed to allow them. Few people build the units because of the system development charges that go to various city bureaus, Robertson said.

“What kept people from building … without a doubt it’s the budget,” Robertson said. “Of an $80,000 project, $14,000 of that is just fees that goes to the city for parks and stuff that they’re already paying for just by owning a house.”

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