Big business backs Kitzhaber

John Kitzhaber gets significant campaign support from companies like Nike and Kroger.

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John Kitzhaber is handily winning the race for campaign donations against fellow Democrat gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury.

Kitzhaber has received major support from big businesses like Nike and Kroger, who have donated $20,000 and $12,000, respectively.

The former governor has raised $1.23 million and is sitting on a $431,241 cash balance as the primary enters its final weeks. Bradbury has reported raising $455,911 and holding a cash balance of $58,372. Campaign cash can be critical in the final weeks of an election, paying for lawn signs, brochure mailings, phone banks, media ads and other tools important in getting out the vote.

Political scientist Jim Moore said Kitzhaber appears to be drawing on his deep ties to health care. He’s a former emergency room doctor whose signature accomplishment in Oregon was expanding government health coverage to the previously uninsured. Since leaving the governor’s office in 2003, he has established two nonprofit organizations that advocate for health-care policy.

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