Slow traction for Enertia

Ashland-based Brammo is having a hard time getting its Enertia electric motorcycle mass-produced and into stores.

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Brammo hoped to have its Enertia electric motorcycle in 50 Best Buy stores nationwide by now, but the road to a major rollout has been a slow one.

After launching a “pilot production” for the Enertia last year and slashing its retail price from $11,995 to $7,995, the bike is currently being stocked in just six Best Buy stores.

“We’re behind where I thought we’d be,” said [founder Craig Bramscher], who hoped to see 50 stores carrying Enertias by now. “In a perfect world, I would have loved to have had more stores by spring, but we completely understand why.”

Selling electric-powered vehicles in a store rather than at a stand-alone dealership sometimes leaves local government officials scratching their heads.

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