Oregon unemployment won’t budge

Oregon’s unemployment rate is stuck at 10.6% in March, remaining flat for the fifth month in a row.

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Oregon’s unemployment rate remained at 10.6% in March, the state’s fifth consecutive month of stagnation. Oregon’s rate is still almost a percentage point above the national average.

While job losses are declining, employment growth is still slow, particularly in the construction sector.

“I’m a good worker, and I’ve done a lot of good things over the years,” says Robert Keplinger, an unemployed Portland contractor with a wife, three kids, no health insurance and no money for a construction bond to continue in business. “I just don’t feel I deserve to be like this.”

Oregon employment figures released Tuesday showed the state lost only 400 nonfarm payroll jobs in March, seasonally adjusted. The decline is far less than the thousands of jobs lost monthly at times over the past few years.

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