Treasury cracks down on perks

Following investigation, Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler reels in travel luxuries for investment officers.

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Prompted by an investigation from The Oregonian into the first-class travel and free golf being received by treasury investment officers, Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler is cutting down on those perks.

Travel is part of the routine for the investment staff, but many of those trips have also included luxurious shopping and resort meetings — perks paid for by state funds.

Wheeler said he was concerned when he learned that state money was being used to pay for first-class travel for investment officers. He said he was troubled by the kinds of entertainment those officers were accepting and that internal procedures, such as travel requests, weren’t apparently being followed.

“There’s the question of perception,” said Wheeler, who will be a first-time candidate for statewide office when he faces treasurer candidate and longtime state Sen. Rick Metsger in May’s democratic primary. Wheeler said public employees must set a “sterling” example of frugal spending.

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