Boeing drops Evergreen

Evergreen International Aviation loses its contract to operate Boeing’s “Dreamlifters.”

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McMinnville-based Evergreen International Aviation was surprised to learn that it has lost its contract to operate Boeing Co.’s “Dreamlifter” super freighters.

Evergreen says it was given no reason for the contract loss or an opportunity to submit a rival bid to Atlas Air, which now has the contract.

“It really puts us in a bad position,” [Evergreen Chairman Tim Wahlberg] said. “So to say we’re disappointed, absolutely. And we’re really disappointed that Boeing hasn’t come clean on what the deal is. It kind of hurts our reputation.”

Boeing has four Dreamlifters, 747s that have been modified by greatly expanding the fuselage to hold large subassemblies of 787s made by other companies.

Read the full story at Mail Tribune.

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