Bill limits credit checks

A new bill prohibits most Oregon employers from using credit history to screen potential hires.

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The House’s approval of a credit-history bill prohibits most Oregon employers from using financial history to screen potential hires. The bill is now going to the governor for his expected approval.

Using credit history for screenings has been criticized as more people lose their jobs and are hurt in their work searches by bad credit.

The House debate over Senate Bill 1045 underscored tension between employers who want the freedom to vet potential workers as they see fit and the demands of workers for the right to keep their personal financial history from influencing hiring decisions.

Rep. Val Hoyle, D-Eugene, said she recently discussed the proposal with some constituents, all of whom viewed the issue identically: “What they said is, in the worst economic recession since the Depression, it is absolutely unfair to discriminate against someone because they’ve had a hard time.”

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