What would you do to help the economy?

From LNG to a “Portland Green 500,” Portlanders offer ideas for economic boosters.

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Portlanders are offering their own ideas to get the city out of its economic doldrums.

Among them: a “Portland Green 500,” mirroring the Indianapolis 500, that would focus on alternative-energy car races and make Portland a hotspot for those kinds of vehicles.

“I figure the Portland Green 500 would be like the Indianapolis 500 for the 21st century. I drove through Indianapolis, and that’s probably what made that town,” [says Philip McGarry, an unemployed Portland pipe fitter].

At a time when Portland suffers from stubbornly high unemployment, and longtime manufacturers such as Freightliner threaten to leave town, it’s bleak out there in the job market. State economist Tom Potiowsky projected last week that Oregon would lose 1 percent of its jobs this year, and that the long-awaited turnaround in the jobs market won’t gather steam until next year.

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