California doesn’t export businesses to Oregon

An analyst says that people are moving to Oregon from California, but not many businesses are.

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Oregon may be drawing less California businesses than people think, according to one public policy analyst.

About 1% of jobs in Southern Oregon are created by California owners re-establishing themselves, compared to 46% of local job growth from new companies and 39% from the expansion of existing firms.

The notion that California is a breeding ground for future Oregon businesses, said Jed Kolko, associate director and research fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, is given credence because so many Jackson and Josephine County residents migrated from California and see business owners viewing Oregon as an option…

“A large part of the business community population came from, or at least spent time, in California,” Kolko said Tuesday. “But there is a distinction between people moving from California to Southern Oregon and businesses moving from California to Southern Oregon. We see a lot of people moving, even though businesses aren’t.”

Read the full story at the Mail Tribune.

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