App gets serious VC

Urban Airship raises $1.1 million in venture capital – the first of its kind for local app developers.

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Portland app developer Urban Airship is giving the local industry some additional clout by announcing $1.1 million raised in venture capital.

The funding is the first of its kind for Portland’s developer community, indicating Oregon’s new direction in technology.

The gadgets that brought computing to the palmtop also have invigorated young technologists clustered around downtown Portland. These small firms anticipated the devices’ popularity and leapt into the wide-open market for mobile “apps,” software applications designed specifically for the iPhone or similar gadgets…

[Portland’s app development] community is small — maybe 30 firms, all told, employing no more than a dozen developers apiece. But they’ve turned out dozens of apps, including popular titles like the Fieldrunners game and a utility called Air Sharing. Portland developers also have built apps for Starbucks, The Wall Street Journal, Nike, Intel and many other big companies.

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