Cash for Caulkers creates costly jobs

Residential energy-efficiency projects are creating jobs, but some raise concerns about costs.

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President Obama has proposed a residential energy-efficiency program called Recovery Through Retrofit – or Cash for Caulkers – as a way to create jobs by weatherizing and upgrading 130 million American homes.

But while stimulus-funded projects are already taking off around the Portland area, some are concerned about the costs of the projects.

The city of Portland is also using $1.1 million in stimulus funds to launch a pilot project called Clean Energy Works Portland. It aims eventually to create thousands of jobs by offering easily repaid financing to both residential and commercial property owners.

But the new emphasis on creating jobs comes with a price. Since Multnomah County first accepted the stimulus funds, the average cost of each project has jumped around 30 percent, says Mary Li, manager of the county’s Office of School and Community Partnerships.

Read the full story at the Portland Tribune.

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