Landowners consider carbon banking

Forestland owners can use their properties for storing carbon and trade credits on the market.

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A new concept of using forestland properties as carbon storage banks is beginning to take off among Oregon landowners.

Owners can use the trees on their land to store carbon and then trade carbon credits on the open market.

[The Oregon Small Woodlands Association] began a pilot program called Woodlands Carbon in 2008 in partnership with the national American Forest Foundation, which started a similar project in New York state. Woodlands Carbon is a corporation that collects and trades stored carbon credits from certified family woodland owners in the western United States.

While cautioning that carbon tree farming is not for all forestland owners and will definitely not mean riches for participants, it could provide a long-term revenue source for certified woodlands, said Gaudern, the association’s Woodlands Carbon representative.

Read the full story at the Mail Tribune.

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