Oregon’s wage gap widens

Oregon’s rich are seeing their incomes grow at a significantly faster rate than the middle class and poor.

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A study of Oregonian wages shows that the rich are seeing a much faster income growth than their middle class and poor counterparts.

Inflation-adjusted annual wages for the top 2% increased 29.5% from 1990, while workers at the 50 percentile saw an increase of only 2.4%.

The growing income gap takes on a new significance as Oregonians consider Measure 66, which would increase by 1.8 percentage points the marginal tax rate on personal income above $250,000 for couples, $125,000 for an individual.

Long after Measure 66 is a distant memory, however, the wage gap will pose a daunting challenge, threatening America’s view of itself as a land of equal opportunity, some economists argue.

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