Lane County defaults rise

The number of forelosure filings in Lane County increased by 79% in 2009.

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As a result of increasing numbers of jobless homeowners, foreclosure filings in Lane County were up 79% last year.

And while foreclosures nationwide rose 21% last year from 2008, the number in Oregon skyrocketed by 90%.

Process servers rapped on 2,143 county doors last year delivering foreclosure documents, according to the Irvine, Calif., firm RealtyTrac. The number has increased almost four-fold since 2006.

The neighborhoods they visited aren’t just the financially marginal places where foreclosures are normally clustered. For example, two dozen homeowners who each got a “notice of default and election to sell” from banks on one day this week — Tuesday — lived everywhere from Marcola to the Southwest hills and from Crescent Village to Elmira.

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