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Deal Watch: Portland video processor raises $5.5M

FROM THE OUTSIDE, what Elemental Technologies does is pretty easy to understand.


It’s Elemental: cutting-edge video processing

FROM THE OUTSIDE, what Elemental Technologies does is pretty easy to understand.

The Portland-based startup, which spun out of Pixelworks in 2006, produces the Badaboom Media Converter, a software program that quickly converts DVDs and other digital videos for viewing on iPods and other devices. ETI’s arsenal also includes the RapiHD Accelerator for Adobe Premier Pro, a high-speed video editing program for creative video professionals.

But peek inside, and ETI becomes a complex world of algorithms, graphics processing units and an advanced type of computer programming called parallel programming, where multiple instructions are carried out simultaneously.

Perhaps we’ll stay outside a little longer.

The company, which employs 14, closed its first round of venture financing in July with a $5.5 million investment led by Seattle’s Capital Voyager and Boston-based General Catalyst Partners. CEO Sam Blackman says ETI will use the funding to deliver its first products later this year via relationships it’s built with companies like Adobe Systems and Nvidia Corp.

“We are also going to use it to go after larger markets, including the Internet video space,” he says.

Blackman says ETI’s one-of-a-kind technology — essentially a graphics processing unit-accelerated video encoding/transcoding engine — gives the company an edge over competitors when it comes to performance, cost and flexibility. And though finding skilled parallel programmers is proving to be an on-going challenge, Blackman says ETI is at the front edge of tomorrow’s video processing.

“The wave of parallel computing is just beginning, driven by the physical limitations we are running into on the silicon manufacturing front,” he says.

“I can see all video processing moving into the parallel domain over the next few years, and Elemental’s software has the potential to be the fundamental technology for this shift. If in five years Elemental’s software is powering not just PC video but IPTV delivery, Internet video services and broadcast facilities, then we’ll have done our job.”                             


$400M Q3 Boeing/(IL) Insitu (WA) 7/22
ND Q2 ‘08 Aequitas Capital Management (Lake Oswego) Skagit Gardens (WA) 7/9
ND ND Ferro/(OH) Fluid Logic (Portland) 7/21
ND Q3 Guardian Management (Portland) Eight branches of Sperry Van Ness (CA) 7/29
ND ND RoadLink (GA) American Frieght Systems (Vancouver, WA) 7/2

$1B Not yet known 132 properties (Not disclosed)/Sunwest Management (Salem) 7/25
$5M NBS Real Estate Capital (Portland) Sagebrook Apartments (CO) 7/8
$2.75M SKL Properties LLC (Beaverton) Forest Creek Apartments (Milwaukie)/Shields Family LLC (Lake Oswego) 7/14
$2.14M SDM Development (WA) Heritage Park Apartments (Beverton)/Julie Emerick (CA) 7/21
$2.05M Key Mechanical (Portland) Commons at Southshore Building (Portland)/Lone Eagle Investments (TX) 7/24
$2.03M KMC Investment Group (Gresham) Riverside Apartments (WA)/Vretenar (WA) 7/25
$1.98M Bookman Family Trust (CA) Robert’s Landing Apartments/SKL Properties LLC (Beaverton) 7/7
$1.42 M 2021 Morrison 11, 045 sq. ft. at the Kingston Building (Portland)/Viking Investment (Portland) 7/24
ND Northwest Real Estate Capital (ID) Four apartment complexes (Portland)/Winkler Development (Portland) 7/25

$145M (equity securities) Vulcan Power (Bend)/Steve Munson Denham Capital (MA) 7/28
$16.1M (Series D equity) Wellpartner (Portland)/Michale Wright Burrill & Company (CA) 7/29
$14.5M (round three) NexPlanar Corp. (Hillsboro)/ Jim LaCasse InterWest Partners LLC (CA) 7/11
$5.5M (round two) Elemental Technologies Inc. (Portland)/Sam Blackman Voyager Capital (WA) 7/17
$600,000 (seed round) Clear Catheter Systems (Bend)/Ed Boyle Bend Venture Conference (Bend), X Gen Ltd. (OH), Cleveland Clinic (OH) 7/24
$300,000 (corp. gift) Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab Google (CA) 7/25

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